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  • Pandemic Financial Strategy: Developed roadmap for 25mm USD commercial real estate site for managing cash-flows during COVID-19 pandemic inclusive of current emergency response, mid-range business turnaround, and transition to future-state post-COVID business operations
  • R&D Post-merger Integration: Managed cross-functional team of consultants, technology vendors, and client team members to update technology landscape, resource and project management operations, and R&D finance activities in preparation of the acquisition of a 5B USD R&D portfolio
  • Drug Manufacturing Operations: Created business processes and project management systems for small molecule drug batch manufacturing inclusive of rules for coordination amongst sub-functions, performance monitoring, and data management 
  • Clinical Operations Cost Forecasting: Developed a mathematical based system for the forecasting of direct and indirect clinical trial costs for a major pharmaceutical company’s entire clinical portfolio 
  • R&D Project Management: Comprehensively reviewed all activities executed by a major pharmaceutical company from initial research stages through launch by each of it’s R&D functions and implemented a structured approach to project management of identified activities
  • R&D Project Management: Managed development and implementation of centralized business processes at  a major pharmaceutical company to enable strategic reporting and decision making, as well as to optimize resource utilization across all divisions and subsidiaries
  • Regulatory Compliance: Analyzed processes at a medical devices company for determination of Fair Market Value for engagement of Health Care Professionals in the pre-clinical space and developed materials to better inform non-scientist stake-holders as to the activities and budget variations that occur in this space
  • Portfolio Analysis: Conducted strategic analysis of a drug pipeline supported by 3B USD of R&D spend to inform research prioritization based on both competitive landscape and probability of drug approval